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Hello, We Are The Roaring Fun Club!
Kids with Capes

Rory's kids club comes from two clever teams; 
The Orchards Shopping Centre and their friends,
Face/Off Events. The rest, my friends, is history! 

We're very proud to have teamed up

to create #TheRoaringFunClub, which is

for children of all ages, once a month. 

Each month we have a different theme
and children can come in costumes.
Our club is creative, fun and interactive,
with lots of chances to win prizes!

We love to create fun competitions,
where winners will always be celebrated.
We also want to ensure that both
parents and children get their say;
so we'd LOVE to hear all your suggestions!

So...calling all 'clever clogs'... 
put on your thinking caps and get in touch;
we want to know exactly what it is
you want from your club.
It is for you, after all!

Have your say and go to our Contact & Join page.

The Orchards Shopping Centre

Founder & Hosts

Face/Off Events

Events Planners

Effective Edge Ventures

Website & Social Media Administration

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